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2007: Bachelor of Science [Chemistry (Hons.)],Vidyasagar University, India.

2009: Master of Science (Chemistry), Vidyasagar University, India.

2013: PhD, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.

           (Supervisor: Prof. Tharmalingam Punniyamurthy).



Current Status:


N-PDF Fellow in Department of Chemical Science, IISER Kolkata

(Research Interest: Transition metal for C-H functionalization reaction, Asymmetric catalysis, Metal free Catalysis)

 Research Experience:


(2013-2016): Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Organometallic ChemistryLaboratory, Advance Catalysis Research Group, RIKEN, Wako-shi, Saitama, Japan.

(Advisor: Prof. Zhaomin Hou)



PhD Thesis Title:


“Study of Copper(II) Based Oxidative C–HFunctionalization/C– C/N–N/C–N/C–O Bonds Formation for Synthesis of Substituted Azoles.”



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2. Guru, M. M.; Punniyamurthy, T. “Copper(II)-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative

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3. Guru, M. M.; Ali, M. A.; Punniyamurthy, T. “Copper-Mediated Synthesis of

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4. Guru, M. M.; Ali, M. A.; Punniyamurthy, T. “Copper(II)-Catalyzed Conversionof Bisaryloxime Ethers to 2-Arylbenzoxazoles via C–H Functionalization/C–N/C–O Bonds Formation” Org. Lett. 2011, 13, 1194-1197 (Highlighted in Synfacts 2011, 479).

5. Biswajit K. Barman, Murali M. Guru, Gaurav K. Panda, Biplab Maji* and Ratheesh K. Vijayaraghavan.*

Pyrene affixed triazoles: A new class of molecular semiconductors for robust, non-volatile resistive memory devices

Chem. Commun.DOI: 10.1039/C8CC10185J.


6. Pradip Ramdas Thorve, Murali Mohan Guru, Biplab Maji

Manganese-Catalyzed Divergent Markovnikov Addition and [2+2+2] Cycloaddition of 2-Carbonyl Indanone with Terminal Alkyne

J. Org. Chem. 2019, Just accepted, DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.9b01173.

​7. Murali Mohan Guru, Sriman De, Sayan Dutta, Debasis Koley*, Biplab Maji*

B(C6F5)3-Catalyzed Dehydrogenative Cyclization of N-Tosylhydrazones and Anilines via a Lewis Adduct: A Combined Experimental and Computational Investigations

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