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Name: Anjan Das


Mobile No.: 9800121962




2007:Bachelor of Science [Chemistry (Hons.)],Kalyani University, India.

2009: Master of Science (Organic Chemistry), Kalyani University, India.

2014: PhD, CSIR-CSMCRI,Bhavnagar, India.

(Supervisor: Prof. R. I. Kureshy).



Current Status:


N-PDF Fellow in Department of Chemical Science, IISER Kolkata

(Research Interest: Asymmetric photoredox catalysis)

 Research Experience:


(2014-2017):Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

(Advisor: Prof. Kenneth Hanson)



PhD Thesis Title:


“Asymmetric Henry and aza-henry reaction by chiral catalysis for the synthesis of bioactive molecules.”



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  2. OmotolaOgunsolu, Ian Murphy, Jamie Wang, Anjan Das, Kenneth Hanson, Energy and Electron Transfer Cascade in Self-Assembled Bilayer Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, ACS applied materials and interfaces, 8, 2016, 28633–28640.

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  5. ShaileshVarma, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, Tamal Roy, Anjan Das, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Hari C. Bajaj,Immobilization of cationic Al(III) salen in the interlayers of montmorillonite clay for the synthesis of cyclic carbonate, Catalysis Communications; 61, 2015, 78-82.

  6. RajendranArunachalam, Chirayil S. Aswathi, Anjan Das, Rukhsana I. Kureshy and Palani S. Subramanian, DiastereoselectiveNitroaldol Reaction Catalyzed by Binuclear Copper(II) Complexes in Aqueous Medium, ChemPlusChem. 80, 2015, 209–216.

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  8. Anjan Das, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, P. S. Subramanian, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Hari C. Bajaj, Synthesis and characterization of chiral recyclable dimericcopper(II)–salen complexes and their catalytic application in asymmetric nitroaldol (Henry) reaction, Catal. Sci. Technol., 4, 2014, 411.

  9. Manoj Kumar Choudhary, Anjan Das, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, Manish Kumar, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Hari Chand Bajaj, Chiral Cu(II)-Amino Alcohol Based Complexes for Asymmetric Aza-Henry Reaction of N-Ts Imines, Catal. Sci. Technol., 4, 2014, 548-555.

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  11. Anjan Das, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, K. JeyaPrathap, Manoj K. Choudhary, Ganga V.S. Rao, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H.R. Abdi, Hari C. Bajaj, Chiral recyclable Cu(II)-catalysts in nitroaldol reaction of aldehydes with various nitroalkanes and its application in the synthesis of a valuable drug (R)- isoproterenol, Applied Catalysis A: General, 459, 2013, 97-105.

  12. Manish Kumar, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, Arpan K. Shah, Anjan Das, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Hari C. Bajaj, Asymmetric Aminolytic Kinetic Resolution of Racemic Epoxides Using Recyclable Chiral Polymeric Co(III)-Salen Complexes: A Protocol for Total Utilization of Racemic Epoxide in the Synthesis of (R)-Naftopidil and (S)-Propranolol,J. Org. Chem., 78, 2013, 9076–9084.

  13. Rukhsana I. Kureshy, BalchandDangi, Anjan Das, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Hari C. Bajaj, Recyclable Cu(II)-macrocyclicsalen complexes catalyzed nitroaldol reaction of aldehydes: A practical strategy in the preparation of (R)-phenylephrine, Applied Catalysis A: General, 440, 2012, 74-79, IF 4.4

  14. Rukhsana I. Kureshy, Anjan Das, Noor-ul H. Khan, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Hari C. BajajCu(II)- Macrocylic [H4]Salen Catalyzed Asymmetric Nitroaldol Reaction and Its Application in the Synthesis of α1-Adrenergic Receptor Agonist (R)-Phenylephrine, ACS Catal., 1, 2011, 1529– 1535.

  15. Vishal J. Mayani, Sayed H. R. Abdi, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, Noor-ul H. Khan, Anjan Das, Hari C. Bajaj, Heterogeneous Chiral Copper Complexes of Amino Alcohol for Asymmetric Nitroaldol Reaction,J. Org. Chem., 75, 2010, 6191–6195.




“A process for the preparation of recyclable chiral catalysts for asymmetric nitroaldol reaction for the synthesis of pharmaceutically important compounds”, Rukhsana I. Kureshy, N. H. Khan, S. H. R. Abdi, H. C. Abdi, Tamal Roy, Anjan Das, patent no. 0148NF2012

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