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Name:  Koushik Sarkar
Mobile No.: 


2016: Bachelor of Science [Chemistry], University of North Bengal ,West bengal.

2018: Master of Science (Organic Chemistry), University of North Bengal ,West bengal.

Current Status:


Junior Research Fellow in Department of Chemical Science, IISER Kolkata

(Research Interest: Organic synthesis and catalyst and their bio-activity)

​Academic Achievements:

1. CSIR-JRF June 2017 (Rank : CSIR-116)

2. CSIR JRF December 2017 (Rank: 104)

Project Work

1)Synthesis of Cyclohexenone from Cyclohexanone using N-bromosuccinamide

2)Preparation of diazomethane&its application for esterificationof sterically hindered carboxylic acid (Bitulinic acid,a naturally occurring anticancer agent)

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