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Name: Pramod Rai
Mobile No.: 8348919946


2014: BSc. University of North Bengal, India.
2017: MSc. Sikkim University, India.

Current Status:

INSPIRE Fellow in Department of Chemical Science, IISER Kolkata
(Research Interest: Photoredox reactions, C-H activation, development of new

methodology, organic synthesis)

Academic Qualification

Dec 2017: LS Rank 35

June 2018: JRF Rank 65

Project Work

Towards the synthesis of Fragment of Janadolide under the guidance of Dr. Sudip pal.


  1. Pramod Rai, Kakoli Maji, Biplab Maji* Photoredox/Cobalt Dual Catalysis for Visible-Light-Mediated Alkene–Alkyne Coupling Org. Lett., Article ASAP, DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.9b01201.

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